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What to expect when I’m expecting…

We are so excited to be adding a little boy to our family in June! Because of this I will be taking the month of June off for maternity leave, but I’ll still be taking appointments and expect to be busier than ever come July, so don’t be afraid to keep contacting me. I will also make sure all products and orders are completed before the blessed event! I’ve already been doing shoots with my Class of 2015 senior ambassadors this week. I’ve got some great ambassadors and this is going to be an amazing year of senior portraits! I can’t wait. There’s a lot of blogging that I still need to do; lot’s of amazing class of 2014 shots that I still need to post, lots of kids shoots to post, and I also get to introduce my new ambassadors. So really, I might be spending my maternity leave doing blog posts in between baby feedings! The other night, my husband Phil and I decided to do some late night maternity photos. Sometimes when the kids are asleep and we don’t have too much work to catch up on, we like to experiment with our lights (or giant flowers) and have fun. Here are some of the shots…

Maternity Photography
Maternity Photography 1
Maternity Photography 2
Maternity Photography 3


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