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The Jazz age! 1920s

Phil and I have started a little personal project where every month we are going to do a photo shoot inspired by a different decade. After watching The Great Gatsby at the theater a couple weeks ago we decided an awesome one to start with would be the Jazz age! Luckily I had just the dress that I have been waiting for an excuse to wear. Fifteen years ago my great grandmother Dorothy (Gramsy) passed away. After she died, my mom went to her house and gathered 4 bins of homemade lace, dresses, doilies, and quilt tops that she had left behind. A few months ago we finally went through those bins and I found a beautiful handmade dress from the 1920s that belonged to Gramsy’s mother Myrnie. I also found an adorable handmade lace sweater from the era so I wore them both in this photo shoot.


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