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My Studio!!!!

Well we did it! After years of dreaming we finally decided to lease a studio. We are so excited for this new challenge, to bring a few different styles to our brand, and have a designated place to show clients their photos. Of course I will still be doing a lot of location photography, but this studio will give me the opportunity to do more modern portraiture and modern child portraits which I’m really looking forward to doing. I love the idea of having the space to experiment and try new lighting techniques without interrupting my family life. We contacted our friend Mike Ash in Modesto who is a top class commercial real estate agent. If you ever need anything commercial in the state of California, he is your man! He helped us find and secure this location and work out all the details. When we first visited the location, we fell in love. In Santa Maria there are very few places that are made from brick, and very few places that have high ceilings. The building itself was built in 1906 which is very rare in our city which is a fairly new city. It has so much character and we can’t wait to make it our own.

We will be blogging about the transformation of our studio, and because we just got the key I decided to do a quick “before” video with the iPhone. I was a little tired from the stress of getting the place and to top it off my kids were going crazy and the business next door told me that they were too loud. So excuse the low energy of the tour guide in the video! Also excuse the poor sound 🙂

I can’t wait to show you what I can do in this space!


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