• Heather Hamer

Katy – Class of 2012

I had such a great time with Katy at Shell Beach. When we got there the tide was coming in really fast and I was worried we were going to have to cut the shoot short. Toward the end of the shoot the tide seemed to be going down a little and Katy and I decided to get a few of her on a nearby rock with the waves all around her. The last picture is the shot I got. I asked her to stay there for just one more wave so I could make sure I got the shot. The next wave came and crashed right over her head! She was completely soaked from head to toe! I felt so bad that I had her stay for “just one more wave” but she was a super good sport and just laughed it off. At least she has a good story to tell right? Here are the fabulous pictures we got before the wave hit…

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