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Farewell CDs…. it’s been real.

I am so excited to now be offering USB drives for all of my digital negatives! These are so much easier for everyone to deal with, no more temperamental CDs that scratch and don’t always work on every computer. Plus, you can reuse it! I was so glad to get them just in time for Senior season (which is starting right now).

While I’m showing off my awesome products I thought I’d add a few pics of my beautiful albums. I’ve been offering these amazing books for about a year to my brides but I’ve just begun offering them with my studio fashion sessions and senior sessions. And if you don’t like pink, they come in loads of awesome colors. My books have the best quality printing I’ve ever seen. They are actual photographs that are bound into a book. The pages lay flat and have no break, just a subtle fold so photos can go all the way across. And the leather…. it melts like butter in your hands, seriously, it’s amazing.


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