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Heather Hamer Photography Blog

Modern wedding photography in the Central Coast of California!

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Porter and Ellie! Santa Maria Kid Photography

Heather Hamer

Santa Maria Childrens portraits 6

Porter and Ellie are such great kids! Porter is such a neat boy. He was so kind and very polite, and Ellie is only 4 and has a personality and smile that can light up a room! Ellie loved getting photographed and the camera sure loved her! Plus these two were able to get their pictures taken next to each other without trying to kill each other which is a true sign of sibling love.Santa Maria Childrens portraits 3Santa Maria Childrens portraits 2Santa Maria Childrens portraits 4Santa Maria Childrens portraits 1Santa Maria Childrens portraits 5Santa Maria Childrens portraits 6Santa Maria Childrens portraits 7Santa Maria Childrens portraitsSanta Maria Childrens portraits 8

Jenna Jenna Jenna!

Heather Hamer

Santa Maria Photographer 4

Happy New Year everyone! 2013 was a fun, exciting, and amazing year full of fantastic photography! I can't wait to see what 2014 brings.  Just like the end of every year and every insanely busy senior season I always take a little retreat and a little break to regroup. I may have taken a little too much time from my blog this year though! Which is a crying shame because I have soooo many beautiful photos to show. For instance these GORGEOUS shots of Jenna. Jenna brought a couture flower dress that she made herself! Isn't it awesome! I loved the colors, the look and everything about this beautiful shoot!Santa Maria Photographer 2Santa Maria Photographer 5Santa Maria Photographer 4Santa Maria Photographer 1Santa Maria Photographer 3

Amanda! Senior Portraits at the Beach

Heather Hamer

Santa Maria Senior Portraits

As you can probably tell from these photos, Amanda and I had a blast doing this photoshoot! I loved that she was up for anything and was even willing to brave the cold Pacific waters of the Central Coast for some amazing images! I'm always happy when senior girls bring their formal dresses to a shoot, it always helps give photos a little extra glamor and drama. In fact, I loved the color of Amanda's blue dress so much I decided to put a big giant print in my studio, which I will be giving a video tour of on this blog very soon! Anyway, I think that "Trash the Prom Dress" should be a new offering for my seniors :)

Michelle - Class of 2014

Heather Hamer


Senior Portrait season is well upon us here in Santa Maria and Orcutt and I could not be more excited! This year Michelle was the first senior I shot this summer (I consider it summer right now) and what a great person to start with! We went to one of my favorite locations for natural looking shots. We got some great shots and a had a ton of fun. Michelle was so easy to work with and her personality really shines through in these photos. This senior season I'm resolving to put everyone I shoot on the blog so wish me luck! santa_maria_photographer_2santa_maria_photographer_1santa_maria_photographer_4santa_maria_photographer_3

Santa Maria Senior Portraits | Nolan

Heather Hamer

Can you tell we had a blast with these senior portraits taken at Shell Beach? I love it when my seniors are up for anything, especially weathering the freezing cold Central Coast ocean waters! But Nolan is a surfer and water polo player so there's no way you can keep him out of the water - not even for his senior portraits! This handsome boy was awesome to work with! Enjoy

Attention Class of 2014!

Heather Hamer

Santa Maria Photographer

Get your amazing, beautiful, Heather Hamer Photography senior portraits for free!

We're really excited to start our senior ambassador program this year. Ambassadors will get a free portrait session and free hair and makeup. All you have to do in return is share your fun and awesome experience with your friends.

It only takes a minute or two to apply but hurry, the deadline for applications is February 1, 2013.  Click Here for more information.

If you have any questions please email me at

Kelsey - Santa Maria Senior Portraits

Heather Hamer


Remember Brad from last year and his darling girlfriend? Well the darling girlfriend is a senior now and I got to do her portraits at a beautiful ranch in Los Alamos. Kelsey is an all American sweetheart. She is genuine, has a great laugh, she takes smoking pictures, and she loves horses!

I was able to get another couple portrait of Brad and Kelsey.  Hopefully this won't be the last time I take pictures of this cute couple ;-)

Niki | Arroyo Grande Village Senior Portraits

Heather Hamer

Remember Niki? Well if you don't you have short term memory loss because she has been the star of my blog for the last couple months. But I promise that this might be the last you see of her for a while :) So here's my baby sister's senior portraits. I can't believe my baby is a senior! Niki, I just want you to know how proud I am of the woman you are becoming. You are absolutely gorgeous inside and out! I'm so glad we live close and have lots of time to spend together.Nipomo Senior Portrait PhotographerSanta Maria Senior Portrait PhotographerSanta Maria Senior Portrait Photographer

Meet Niki's best friend Tommy! He's a pretty boy and he knows how to work it for the camera!

Nipomo Senior Portrait PhotographerSanta Maria Senior Portrait PhotographerNipomo Senior Portrait PhotographerNipomo Senior Portrait Photographer

trenton | class of 2012

Heather Hamer

Natural light portraits are great but there's something completely awesome about the studio. For Trenton's senior pics he wanted something a little more classic and old school so we brought out the strobes and the result was fantastic! We did some outdoor as well. I'm so happy with these shots! Trenton is a classy young man with a lot of style and was great to work with. I hope to do a lot more studio in the future because I absolutely love it!Santa Maria Senior Portrait PhotographerSanta Maria Senior Portrait PhotographerSanta Maria Senior Portrait PhotographerSanta Maria Senior Portrait PhotographerSanta Maria Senior Portrait PhotographerSanta Maria Senior Portrait Photographer