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417 Fairmont Avenue
Santa Maria, CA, 93455
United States

About Heather

Heather Hamer

When I stand behind my camera, snapping shots, I am constantly reminded how lucky I am to have the job I do! Of course this dream of mine did not come true overnight. Like many in my trade, my love for photography started young. Fortunately for me my high school provided classes where I could delve into everything from the basics to developing my own film, (remember that stuff?!). I was hooked. From there I continued my education into college and beyond, all the while practicing with any person willing to pose in front of my lenses.

With the knowledge, the equipment and years of experience I was thrilled when my husband and I were able to turn everything into an official business. Every wedding, every senior, was such a pleasure, and I loved shooting on-location with each person. However, since those first high school photo shoots I had always believed having my own studio would be the completion of my perfect career. Well, I guess what everybody says is true - work hard enough and your dreams will come true! Mine is the pleasure now to be the photographer of my own studio. And I am just thrilled!

From the darkroom to the digital, I will always feel most myself when I am able to look through my viewfinder and create a lasting moment - with you as the star!

Now that I have shared a little about myself, let's get to know you! I am excited to meet you and schedule a session! See you soon!